Photoshoot Events at paradise gardens

October 7, 2021

To capture the loveliest moments of your events, Paradise Gardens offers you the opportunity to shoot lifestyle photos (wedding, maternity, family, graduation…)

Photoshoot Events at paradise gardens

on its enchanting site, either Floating deck one of the gardens or in one of the 10-acre dam.

A reservation is required; however, certain rules must be followed to ensure the comfort of other visitors and to maintain the site in good condition.

Certain fees are applicable (admission to the Garden and parking is free) and, additionally, precautions must be taken not to damage the premises or interfere with the Garden’s operations, while enabling other visitors to enjoy their visit to the fullest.

Photoshoot Events at paradise gardens

Please note that we do not offer any complimentary services: accompaniment, transportation on site, etc.

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