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Paradise Gardens opened in 2008 and has hosted many weddings and corporate functions since its inception. Meticulously designed by a professional landscaper, this award-winning venture has often been featured on T.V in many programs including “The Wedding Show” and “Tahidi High” amongst others. It is an ideal location for any wedding, Photo shoot, or corporate event.

Paradise Gardens weddings events
Paradise Gardens Kiambu ROAD

Wedding Events

Your wedding day marks the beginning your next stage in life publicly with your friends and family. With our spacious, high-end, luxurious grounds, Paradise Gardens fit perfectly for the entire wedding ceremony.

Paradise Gardens weddings events

Filming and photography

The Paradise Gardens offers some of the most spectacular filming and photo shoot locations with a wide range of natural.

Paradise Gardens weddings events

Corporate Events

At Paradise Garden, we offer themed parties, conferences, etc to cater for prolific corporate events. We keep our originality obsession as the base of a curated approach to blend in with your preferences.

Paradise Gardens Birthday Events

Birthday Events

It is a blessing to celebrate another year of your life with your loved ones. Paradise Gardens take pride in making that dream within reach.

Paradise Gardens_1

Picnic Events

With more than 10 years since our grand opening, Paradise Gardens can never run out of ideas to cater for your picnic. The garden is peaceful and attracts interactions with nature first hand.

Paradise GardensHorse Riding Tours

Horse Riding Tours

Adventure at the back of horse is exciting. Kids get to explore our amenities riding our friendly horses. The animals are well groomed and we take notes on medical concerns regarding allergies and advice our riders comprehensively.

Paradise Gardens Birthday Events

Paradise Gardens is located 10 KM from the City Centre, off Kiambu road and a walking distance from paradise lost.


how we work

What time do Paradise Gardens open the gate for guests?

Our grounds are opened from 8 am to curfew time.

We have an upper ground deck that is ideal to host up to 2000 guests.

The Gardens is an award-winning venture that has been featured on TV several. For example, The Wedding Show and Tahidi High TV programs amongst others.

Yes, we do have parking facilities. There are no challenges as the ground is spacious and can accommodate up to 400 cars. We also have security guards at the parking lots.

Yes, grills are available and they come in different sizes. At Paradise Gardens, we also allow clients to come with their grills. We offer ours at a friendly and affordable fee.

We have a readily available power grid and points for easy access and stand by power.

Our facility offers separate washrooms for both males and females with hands-on staff to maintain general hygiene.

Photo shoot

2 hour session
Ksh 20,000
  • 2 hour access of the property
  • Access to the washroom facilities
  • Use of the floating deck


Whole day
Ksh 1,500
  • Unlimited access to use the grounds
  • Set up picnic deco
  • includes corkage fee


2 hours
Ksh 1000
  • Access to use the water body to fish
  • Fishers can bring their own boat
  • Unlimited number of fish you can catch within the allocated time

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